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Dry Cured Bacon Loin Steaks

Dry Cured Bacon Loin Steaks

Our Dry Cured Bacon Loin Steaks are made using traditional methods of curing which results in less shrinkage and a flavour that is truly exceptional. These steaks are perfect for a delicious weeknight meal and provide an excellent alternative to gammon steaks. The process of dry curing ensures the meat is the perfect texture and full of flavour. Our bacon loin steaks are a must-try for anyone looking to enjoy high-quality meat. Order now to experience the difference of dry-cured bacon loin steaks from our butchers.

    All items come Vacuum packed for freshness and to preserve the date. With any vacuum pack product please open the pack and allow to breath for twenty minutes before use. It is normal for vacuum pack products to have a strong smell when first opened.

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