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Rump Bistro Steak

Rump Bistro Steak


Introducing our mouthwatering Rump Bistro Steak, hand-selected and dry-aged to perfection. Sourced from the eye muscle of the Rump joint, this steak is known for its tender and lean qualities, making it a versatile and delicious option for any meal. With the appearance and flavour akin to a fillet steak, our Rump Bistro Steak offers a high-quality dining experience at a fraction of the cost. Whether grilled, pan-seared, or sous-vide, this steak is sure to impress with its succulent and savoury taste. Elevate your next meal with our premium Rump Bistro Steak, a favorite among chefs and discerning home cooks alike.

  • Product Info

    2 x 7 ounce steaks per pack. Vacuum packed for freshness.

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