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Diced Chicken Breast fillets

Diced Chicken Breast fillets


Our Diced chicken breast fillets are of the highest quality. They are an excellent source of protein, making them an ideal choice for health-conscious consumers and fitness enthusiasts alike. These diced breast fillets are perfect for use in a wide variety of chicken-based recipes, from classic dishes  chicken curry or chicken sweet & sour to more modern, creative recipes like salt &  pepper chicken pieces or chicken fajitas. With their tender, juicy texture and delicious flavor, our diced chicken breast fillets are sure to please even the most discerning of palates. Order now from our butchers to experience the difference that quality makes in your next meal!


    450g diced chicken breast fillets per pack. Vacuum packed for freshness and to preserve the date. With any vacuum pack product please open the pack and allow to breath for twenty minutes before use. It is normal for vacuum pack products to have a strong smell when first opened.

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