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Pork & Leek Sausage

Pork & Leek Sausage


Introducing our delicious Pork & leek sausages, made from locally sourced pork, fresh leeks and seasoned using our own traditional recipe. These gourmet sausages are the perfect addition to any meal, whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner. With their unique flavour and texture, they're sure to impress your taste buds. Ideal for BBQs or simply pan-frying, these sausages are a must-try for any meat lover. Order now from our butchers to experience the best quality ingredients in every bite.


    All items come Vacuum packed for freshness and to preserve the date. With any vacuum pack product please open the pack and allow to breath for twenty minutes before use. It is normal for vacuum pack products to have a strong smell when first opened.

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